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Floats Horse-floats or Horse-flows

“Floats Horse-floats or Horse-flows” is based on the notion of “alexia,” word-blindness, but not arising as a nervous disorder, unknown words create a future.

T Trees Stars

T trees the stars festinate dismantling these. Laura saying You know the most open moment at the same time that they the starving know it and don’t want to and you don’t and, closing, you won’t know it any more, forgetting it. The most open moment (dying as law). Closes later a flower. Is the cartoon. Adorned with drops of blood, clots of mould, bunches of charnel ashes and coils of snakes, totally red Chrysanthemum center bared-fangs-teeth-petals threshing people scene everything red where some blood and red limbs coming from her teeth mean isn’t wrathful deity for her standing in the vast blazing fire of pristine awareness a person here? “Disordering that sight of it the linear couldn’t ever be,” as if it were needed. Action’s open love independent arises beside by there being the law of dying no end to it? Word unrecognizable yet dossil of printing dura matter if asleep dreaming. ‘Her’ can be the perceiver one. If a patient’s hippocampus seat of recent memories were injured they couldn’t can’t conceive of be while in dreaming or in any event in either past or future? Just present the future is the outside Chrysanthemum’s 2. Here no patients patience with injured hippocampus but the part of a person’s mind that’s recent memories is future always—is future/past?

A dory skiff is brought out on a marine water. Just a doss instead of a racing fin. So mirror. Dur.


Diploid but not at night, rather dropping in the dark water that has brachiopods the haplont is above in day the motorboat waiting weighting on the surface. Wading in shallow waves the haplont sees (distorts) the gold bracteoled turtle only once. The haplont chases it at the edge of the Pacific, diploid visible on the surface of the water swimming on sun amidst the ocean though not there at night, any action slowed. Unable to breathe to breathe in turtles heads wood bursts shallow wave. The forest waves then that day.


No one physically an orphan in that however they seek to elude predetermina-tion—to try to elude by alluding to (outside)—avoiding death by being an orphan is haploid their being happy? Not cothurnus but figures in cotehardie traveling in the desert dust far away even=equal with them are separated in space. Commensurate and sighted trees a forest far from the desert’s crescent moon is allowed into the eye. The press-ganged there presurmise thought agile. The press-ganged’s and the eye seeing them this would be again to try to elude by alluding to (outside). Allude. While awake some others speak of a great man as if assuming that (sole) authority were though he (authority) altered lyric to scrutiny. One not even being spoken back to one self as seeing one self before saying anything. Sense of ‘father’ over-riding though it’s not arising from him then from them as he’s dead there their assumption of this florists’ foam in movement. I can’t imagine this in any case so they don’t listen to any, ever anyway. The haplont holding the bouquet huge orange yellow-flecked dahlia bombs puff on one day. Those at day outside hear first at whatever rate of force Venus hits the ball it lobs by their heads these turn whirligig. The critic sneering at Venus’s force at once as without finesse and subtlety all workers in the hartel had been on a swing shift now disband stand coram non judice before that judgeless a bird. On a bow of a motorboat the orphan girl D stands just as the boat plowing in the thick water far away and then jetting resting on water’s surface turning it is the horse’s monkey the powder monkey rather with her. Beside her standing while the wave forks parts with the force of the motorboat they’re looking in the flood having ascended it but the figures lie in the water. Separated oil burns 4 as another day begins in haplography “Missippi” for “Mississippi” on water they’re speaking it’s seen by being that’s slowed as if they’re removed from their actions’ occurrence and there’s just as it occurs. Ron had (someone else’d feudist) blistering the hides of others said abridgement means “transparency” as a negative. The individual is consumed eaten in capitalism by their actions being (and seen by them in) the outside’s delusion of a whole reality as [reality while] [for] [reality being] the individual sees events fed to them in as the outside’s ordered certainty. In a given, a plot is or transpires this transparency he says silk worm in which wired only receiving we’re quiet. I think—a plot is only later, is events to see a vehicle unplanned any actions unknown [going] before their being known 2. But he says plot is any action is already description and creates this delusion of our being in a contained capitalism’s separating us from reality. Disrupt there being events at all anywhere. [Were no events whole would be present-time, he might see there. or we see they’re their being formed] Yet he says his own actions. And not listening. Not actions disbanded now surprisingly here appear flat horizontally only one’s his their intrusion exists planets. Vehicle is any events after before is his also. We’d be contained in him rather than our being continuous after before. Planets in the path. Before one walking Saturn moves the loop ahead. Introduction ahead is introducing the loop is so huge ahead night his capitalism 2. Dropping night (its being in paragraph, past and present) while always being in line that’s never there on it enabled occurrence to go while to be there races before outside is everywhere 2 straddling double transparency as dropping ‘there’ too.


In the days of his treatment a blue jewel. til he can’t eat, is fed (feeds) through a stomach tube. Not sub-Herculean T’s labors to eat throat afire his thought’s calmly clear. Burning in suffering the outside lost. You know the most open moment, you won’t remember it, living later it closes after. Less control of language is not subconscious in one (“mine working subconsciously” “I wouldn’t have thought that,” she says archly). While the image of Hercules was everywhere in the ancient world, not everywhere written there. Why is that? Here in the US our view of labors/‘that’s only physical being’ is just ‘present-time is outside one’s ability.’ Say, laboring fast on one’s own morphine, is outside one’s self. Hercules can’t be written at all only seen. Either one or the other jeered at. As Venus floating lobs the ball Go calls the orphan abandoned who now is in the motorboat weighting the deep waves under her. Halved is both. One inchoate. Were still particular. 2 pulling up in the motorboat alongside the freighter in the hold the shadows, stevedores, rake flowing sands for funneled American grain appears shooting down into the hold the blonde grain sent to their starving undercuts them the African farmers then can’t sell their crops just as the thin starving are given gifts for which halved American farmers are paid the freighter appears on a thunder storm erupting on the ocean’s weighting surface that surrounds them bracteoled gold-flecked turtles on the thundering ocean a deep purple at dusk erupting spreads the blonde shining grain on flows through the air and hands of the thin dock workers inside the hold. Any actions ahead of them and at present flood at once. The people go forward in single conscious actions. The thin dock workers in wind working in the hold where they’re standing shadows in its mounting around them blonde grain pours from the funnel spreading ripples her motor boat purrs light on the weighting surface of the ocean outside its own surface ones halved equally.

The Birds of the Field

Days T and his friends when boys lying on their backs eat blackberries and black mulberries the black bears eat at night there in the day the boys eat the blackberries while lying on their backs where, while the bears come at night there the opening into being free (of all of the individuals then same ones as them when they’re young adults in/at the same time), which may be seen by some of them or not but still frees trees wind they T see(s) everything stand in the rushing stars he’s (later with radiated throat) young man stands in a rushing stream where while she’s born also can be then in the period of discovery meets him sleeps where T tucks her in under the stars in the Sierras then T having prepared the sleeping bag outside in freezing mountains naked with circle of heaven gets into it with her awed by this gentleness that she’s never seen before still exploding traditional rule already living as the birds of the field without reason except love (that which sees through every thing). Seen as separate before, the birds of the field and love unite forest and blackberry fields were everywhere mingled the black carpet with yellow mustard blossoms blooming in it everywhere burst stars rushing are in the horizontal gentle wind always or otherwise the stars are invisible. No reason except love the vehicle of discovery fateless everyone sees no antitype is in future or past for no event prefigures for there is no center of day or night. The fold is that circle of heaven. —But see, all blanc fix, the balls-in-robes says, who only sees freedom as national doctrine meaningless pathetic immature, meaning false. The balls-in-robes thinks we’re to act as doctrinal traditional rules though. For now there is to be no experience accepted seen had by anyone. At all, as per the sort of Lana Turner, who just says You can’t have experience. And can’t be spoken. She thinks someone else’s having to view—to say—You only think you’re having it (experience) for it’s invalid. The sort of Lana Turner has authority figures say then and everything the ground is them. They tell us the structure of events and their worth experiences ours are outside anything. Sewed-dolls (others) suppressed in society, in anuria even to urinate in urination’s absence their asonia as (if) ‘in society’ (the would) not hearing determining the release they tinkle in a vacuum. Negative sewed they can’t. Can’t hear tones at all (asonia) and night is only tones hearing blae tinkling the uncarved block asiderites folded in it. They 2 (and others) do hear this so even the day is aspectual in it the past blackberries and the black night as weighting in horizontal wind an asiderite (not glassy) flies, lands in the black. They’re free because they’re abandoned halve love it’s the opposite of what we’re told. that abandoned wood. produce formation. why wood. they. Later when in horizontal wind gentle as no center in day or night Grace who hasn’t asonia and, hearing, is looking for the boy orphan called Emmanuel, also called Juan David Gomez a sensation to the populace for lost after birth to a woman captive held by FARC, the father a FARC officer, the mother under force still captive her infant with malnutrition and a broken arm given to a farmer Mr. Gomez secretly placed the infant Emmanuel in an orphanage where reared to age three he’s away from his other ‘free’ family (of the captive woman). DNA tests show it’s Emmanuel though Mr. Gomez compelled by the guerrillas to raise the infant is now under threat of death to return Emmanuel to the guerrillas. Is love the motive, arising from the infant’s FARC father we don’t know. A sensation from being lost. oar is not experienced? Bladed in blae day the children had played on streets the abandoned girls orphans runaways from the orphanage caah caahing at Grace coming to see the boy orphan as black swallowtails fly the dazzling white bumblebee for black coals-for-eyes flies after them (wolf dog white whirrs) right at the surface inside-out while blading the air the girl orphans mass in the city streets or roam simply shot down by the police ordinarily. Near squalid tiered crumbling buildings the girls free for abandoned laugh at Grace. Grace humbled for she’s free also inside having no reason except love she doesn’t speak even ruffled in anger that’s only energy a hawk glider by the black vulture watching that’s over them in that there’s no center of day or night Blackwater helicopters also sometimes attack them the orphans blading near the black cattle their blackwater. Where the girls blade the air glades the Black Shirts invade to catch them, a man accusatory saying Who are they (the Black Shirts)? as if known by one personally are slandered named, while are Black Shirts everywhere, also outside of T a young man, T a boy’d lying on his back in day eaten the blackberries where a bear eats blackberries with other bears in blae nights 4 nights are blue, 2 lungs moving in and out gently when in the wind flies a flag horizontal a marcher pulled from the flagpole by police foamed foam came from his mouth is then in the now-memory T and Grace and others are in fateless however everyone. To see that oneself is (has had) no reason except love this linked in all but in her it’s configured even laced to their being motions in the occurrence of war outside then. That it a rose there—and that there had to be the exact movements that are events the instant of their occurrences (events) or dropping out of these movements (that is, dropping out of trying to keep up with being—in these movements there—that one’s in) then one isn’t living, can’t then except in one’s own motions those one’s in. But how to be in them, separated. We’re struggling not to drop out of the movements of the events we’re in (there, already)—that that’s linked to or is no reason except love, is now a marvel to her. Now a discovery. One was being only as separated from one’s own motions (when in them, say running) to see any being. Of those young it’s only the girls orphans (except the powder monkey, vis. riding at the track) who’re free? As if anuria, absence, by being negative yet under stars out in the black whether they’re alone or not they see halve have no reason except love. Sounds of reason in other’s asonia. The one sharp bark of the white dog is heard silently (when it hadn’t barked then). The orphan girls dropped abandoned by others would most of all (they’ll) have no reason (that of society’s) except love.


Leslie Scalapino

Leslie Scalapino is the author of over thirty books of poetry and fiction. Day Ocean State of Stars' Night is forthcoming this year from Green Integer.


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