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The Bloomberg Mystique

Mayor Bloomberg sure liked to let the press do all the speculating about whether he would run for president. Meantime, his self-funded committee working straight out of City Hall pumped up his national reputation and weighed his November prospects.

Express From The Editor

Campaign Notebook: Obama at Philadelphia

Widely viewed on YouTube and much discussed across the political media, Barack Obama’s mid-March speech about the need for a national discussion of race indeed emanated from a historic place.

Wasteland Dreaming

In the years bracketing 9/11, I was working on a book about the history of everyday surveillance and at the time suffered recurring dreams that were something like nightmares, but more fun. I was always on the run, chased by the state or some other omnipotent force that was never well-defined.

Art In Conversation

Cai Guo-Qiang with Ellen Pearlman

While he was installing his current retrospective I Want To Believe at the Guggenheim Museum (on view Feb. 22nd until May 28th, then traveling to the National Museum of Art in Beijing in time for the Summer Olympics), Cai Guo-Qiang took time out from his busy schedule to sit down and talk with Rail Editor-at-Large Ellen Pearlman about his work.

Art In Conversation

Makin’ Whoopee: A Conversation with J. Fiber, James Esber and Jane Fine with Jim Supanick

James Esber and Jane Fine have shared a life together since 1986, and in the last several months, their partnership has entered a new phase with the birth of a new entity by the name of J. Fiber. On the occasion of the first exhibition of their collaborative work, which will be on view at Pierogi/Brooklyn until April 14, the videomaker and writer Jim Supanick paid a visit to the artists’ studios.

Art In Conversation

Lydia Dona with Phong Bui

Leading up to the few days before the installation of the painter’s new work at Michael Steinberg Fine Art, which will be on view till April 26, 2008, Lydia Dona welcomed Rail publisher Phong Bui to her Tribeca studio to talk about her life and work.

Remembering Jonathan Williams (March 8, 1929–March 16, 2008)

I miss the elegance of the man, the energy of the poet, and above all the generosity that made sure publishing was publick-ing, and that brought to the commonwealth (as he might call it), the shivering needy children we are, news that concerned us and made us better—or at least (often) made us laugh.

Film In Conversation

Alex Cox with David Wilentz

Starting with Repo Man, Alex Cox has successfully subverted mainstream culture (and the studio system) with several definitive cult films. David Wilentz recently sat down with Cox for a conversation about filmmaking, imperialism, and Spaghetti Westerns.


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