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Becoming Women

With heroines navigating between their own interests and those of their kin, three prominent offerings betray a cultural anxiety about how to be a responsible adult woman in love.

DVD Culture

Film Noir Classic Collection, Vol. 4

The Americans also make film noirs.

Johnnie To In Charge

To re-forged Hong Kong cinema, usurping John Woo’s place as the Asian genre film maestro supreme.

The New Talkies: Generation D. I. Y.

The often wracking struggle to bridge the gap between interior experience and exterior expression is the central concern of the IFC Center’s “The New Talkies: Generation D.I.Y.” series, a survey of the so-called “Mumblecore” movement.

Roman-Porno to Desu Noto - The Odyssey of Shusuke Kaneko

The Brooklyn Rail’s David Wilentz met with director Shusuke Kaneko, a seasoned veteran of the Japanese film industry, and spoke to him about Death Note, roman-porno (‘romantic porn’: Nikkatsu Studios brand of soft-core films), art films, kaiju (rubber monster movies such as Godzilla and the like), Nietzsche and the state of the industry today.

An Imperfect Cinema

Patricio Guzmán’s epic documentary rigorously chronicles the “before” of the historic coup d’etat

DVD Culture

Les Enfants Terribles (1950)

Realism and fantasy collide in Les Enfants Terribles, the 1950 collaboration between celebrated directors Jean Cocteau and Jean Pierre Melville.

DVD Culture

Thank God I'm an atheist. Two Films by Luis Bunuel.

Though formally quite different, they show Buñuel’s affinity for the grey areas between innocence and sin, and his distaste for the easily psychoanalyzable.


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