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A Long Island Passage

I still wake up sometimes, in the middle of the night, sure that I’m here. Grandma’s kitchen. That haven of modernity and 1980s suburban decadence. It’s a fever dream. I feel the give of the cold linoleum under my hot feet.

A Man Leaves Home

We drove north into Mississippi as the late-summer Sabbath sun rose over New Orleans.

Letter from Syria: Goodbye to Iraq...

At first, Jeremana seems like any other neighborhood on the outskirts of Damascus. A steady stream of road-worn automobiles hobbles over the pot-holed streets that are lined with boxy, chock-a-block apartment buildings.

In Conversation

Pankaj Mishra with Hirsh Sawhney

India’s pursuit of superpowerdom has been cheered on by the US media as well as the country’s own mainstream press, but writer Pankaj Mishra’s powerful portraits of the subcontinent pierce through this chauvinistic fog.

In Conversation

Janna Levin with Sylvie Myerson

A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines is Janna Levin’s first novel, and with it she has broken new ground. The work has been hailed as a novel of ideas recounting the lives and deaths of Kurt Gödel and Alan Turing, whose discoveries radically changed the way philosophers, mathematicians and scientists understand mathematics.

Docs In Sight

Ever since the “documentary revolution” was declared in the early 2000s, there has been much hullabaloo about the different forms of doc film.


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