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YOU GIVE ME FEVER The Audience and Wallace Shawn

There is a bit of cheeky self-awareness that permeates the theatrical event in The Fever. The monologue play, delivered by Wallace Shawn, asks how a sensitive person can comfortably cope in a world of economic inequity. If you’re not born in the third world, and if you’re not living in a war torn country, how can you sit by enjoying bon bons and chardonnay?

In Conversation

Staying Alive in a Dying City Christopher Shinn with Mark Armstrong

Christopher Shinn was born in Hartford, Connecticut and lives in New York. His first play Four premiered at London’s Royal Court Theatre in 1998 and put Shinn on the map when he was 23.

In Conversation

Michael Domitrovich with Alina Troyano

I’m interviewing Michael Domitrovich at De Robertis, a café on First Avenue, across the street from where his play Artfuckers will premiere at Theater for the New City on February 19th. As I stare into his almond-shaped brown eyes I have to remind myself that I am a lesbian.

In Dialogue

Wrighting Home with Richard Nelson

Look around at the houses here in California, Lloyd. Or back in Chicago. Look at what’s being built today in this country. The vulgar, wicked, moral lies, extravagant waste, social, aesthetic excrement. To attempt to create a bit of beauty within this.


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