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In Conversation

Mel Bochner with Phong Bui

While preparing three forthcoming exhibits Mel Bochner took time to sit down with Rail Publisher Phong Bui to talk about his life and work.

In Conversation

Trenton Doyle Hancock & Fred Tomaselli with Dan Nadel

In conjunction with a new release of the book, Me a Mound, published by PictureBox, and his last solo exhibit at James Cohen Gallery, Trenton Doyle Hancock sits down for a conversation with Fred Tomasseli and Dan Nadel.

In Conversation

Bill Berkson with David Levi Strauss

On April 25, poet and critic Bill Berkson came to Rail headquarters in Greenpoint and sat down to discuss his life and work with Rail’s Consulting Editor David Levi Strauss.

Allan Kaprow (1927–2006)

First Nam June Paik. Now Allan Kaprow. Two great innovators, gone.

A Railing Opinion

Petronius, oddly enough, was appointed to Nero’s “arbiter of taste”, from which position I assume he observed the court, and wrote Satyricon—a masterpiece depicting, among other curiosities, the orgy, or rather, the banquet, at the home of a nouveau riche joker called Trimalchio. It was in very bad taste indeed.


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