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Nobody’s Happy About the Beatings, but Attitudes Don’t Change Overnight

A bunch of us here in Texas have for the last six years been wildly embarrassed about our state’s exports: George. Enron. Anna Nicole. There are just some things that shouldn’t be let out of the yard.

Unmeasured Pleasure: Metering Couplets and Desire with David Grimm

Like many characters in Restoration comedies, Will Blunt lives up to his emblematic name. Even when challenged to a duel, he is as dangerous as a dull knife. Words are his weapons and, although he is a servant, he speaks candidly to anyone who will listen.

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An Otome Bunraku puppet (a rare art form originating in 17th-century traditional Japanese puppetry) plays the role of a timeless spirit. Text by Chiori Miyagawa, direction and puppetry conception by Sonoko Kawahara, music by Bruce Odland.

Theater of War: Lightbox's Ajax: 100% Fun

It’s a truism of theater that the Greeks get revived during wartime. Those stark, sometimes histrionic plays that torment freshmen in peacetime Western Civ classes begin to feel painfully urgent when we watch the world around us devolve into a violent comic strip of good guys and bad guys.

UNIQUE SPECIES: Rare breeds from the Galapagos Back Room shed light on the burgeoning Williamsburg theatre scene.

The intelligent design debate is alive and well in Williamsburg, where Galapagos Art Space hosts the EVOLVE series in the Back Room. EVOLVE, curated by Artistic Director Travis Chamberlain, is a part of a larger expansion campaign that includes increased staffing, a new lease, and capital improvements.

We Are All Gooks: Qui Nguyen's Trial by Water

When I first saw Qui Nguyen’s Trial by Water: A Gook Story Part One – in a college workshop production at Ohio University in 2001 – what struck me most was how young the two brothers at the center of the play were.


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