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THE ONLY HOLE THAT MATTERS: Radiohole’s FLUKE at the Collapsable Hole

As William Carlos Williams said, the pure products of America go crazy, and in the case of Radiohole they’ve gone crazy in a really, really interesting way.

The “Late” Charles Mee

Chuck Mee’s Gone, is a requiem—a piece written on the occasion of another person’s death—Mee’s friend and patron of many years, the philanthropist Richard Fisher. But the piece is still a “late” piece. Gone is all about anachronism and anomaly—and is anything but settled.

Pushing Buttons: An interview with playwright THOMAS BRADSHAW about Purity

“If we had three cookies in front of us,” Bradshaw motions to the empty table, “I would be polite and say you should have the last cookie. But deep down, I really want the cookie.”

In Dialogue

Getting Cosmic with Kelly Copper

MELANIA TRUMP Christmas is like ice cream. You have to eat it fast or it melts.


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