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In Conversation

Thomas Ruff with Vicki Goldberg

The German photographer Thomas Ruff achieved international recognition in the 1980s alongside Thomas Struth and Andreas Gursky, all students of Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Sarah Sze

The world is now largely artificial, at least for those of us living in affluent capitalist countries held together by an intricate web of systems and subsystems.

In Conversation

Catherine de Zegher and Hendel Teicher with Chris Martin

The Brooklyn Rail talked recently with Catherine de Zegher, the Director of The Drawing Center, and Hendel Teicher, curator and art historian, about their show, 3 x Abstraction: New Methods of Drawing.

Railing Opinion

Having read the exchange between David Levi Strauss and James Kalm in the last two issues of The Brooklyn Rail, I’m compelled to respond to their views, respectively, on satire versus irony.


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