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In Conversation

Robert Polito with Erinne Dobson

As a part of the Brooklyn Rail’s continuing series on writers and teaching, Erinne Dobson recently spoke with acclaimed poet and biographer Robert Polito, who has been the director of the writing program at the New School since 1992.

Off the Shelves

Blair Tindall, Mozart in the Jungle; Dovid Bergelson and Joachim Neugroschel, The Shadows of Berlin; Adam Fawer, Improbable; John Ashberry and Eugene Richie (ed.), Selected Prose

In Conversation

MARK MIRSKY with Johannah Rodgers

Mark Mirsky is the author of five novels, including Thou Worm Jacob (Macmillan, 1967), The Secret Table (Fiction Collective, 1983), and The Red Adam (Sun and Moon Press, 1990). A professor of creative writing at the City College of New York, Mirsky is also the editor and cofounder, with Donald Barthelme, of the literary magazine Fiction.


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