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Ah, what a world! How infinite in variety. How beautiful in diversity. How limitless in options.

In Conversation

New Day at Hunter: Peter Carey

When I first came to New York from Sydney—this was in 1990—I imagined MFA programs were a bit of a scam.

In Conversation

City of Women: Elizabeth Gaffney

It’s easy to see why 38-year-old writer Elizabeth Gaffney calls herself “a Brooklyn devotee.” She still lives in the Brooklyn Heights brownstone in which she was born and loves to rifle urban archives for overlooked nuggets of borough lore.

Excerpted from The Josephine Meckseper Catalogue

Fashion and politics. Style and revolution. We have emerged from a century of fascism on the runway and the campaign trail. We vote, we buy, based on our own shallowest experience of who we are.


The Brooklyn Rail

MAR 2005

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