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PETAH COYNE: Above and Beneath the Skin

I remember wandering into a small, shabby old church on the outskirts of Mexico City and encountering a crude, worm-eaten wooden statue of Jesus. Perilously at its base was a mountain of molten, smoldering candles, guttering wicks sticking up from the lumpy mound of white wax, the rivulets streaming down, looking remarkably like tears.

Railing Opinion: On the Misallocation of Funds

The island of Laputa, as described by Captain Lemuel Gulliver in his famous Travels, is a perfectly circular, airborne disk whose privileged population busies itself with fruitless pseudoscientific experiments like reconstituting food out of dung while remaining oblivious to the squalor of the peasants living in its shadow.

Reflections on the Last Sunspot Drawing at Mount Wilson Observatory

I first saw the announcement September 14, 2004: “Staff reductions due to a funding shortfall necessitates the cessation of the daily sunspot drawings.” The announcement came from Mt. Wilson Observatory, which, since its founding in December 1904 by George Ellery Hale, was dedicated to solar observation and was to celebrate its centennial on December 4, 2004.

In Conversation


At Two Palm Press in SoHo, Ellen Gallagher was putting the finishing touches on DeLuxe, an edition of sixty collaged prints that are hung in a neat grid on the wall. As you step close to the wall where it is all hung with pins, your eyes move from image to image, magazine pages that have been heavily annotated with notes, quirky drawings, doodles, and collages as well as sculptural elements that could be mistaken for wax or bubble gum. PPP

In Search of the Miraculous

His public is shocked when this abstract painter living on the Côte d’Azur paints a series of canvases unlike anything he has ever done before. In contrast to the restrained, geometric compositions for which he is known, these canvases present crudely drawn figures against dark, roughly painted backgrounds.

In Memory of Steve Parrino

Steve was born on Long Island, lived and had his art studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and died in a tragic motorcycle accident on January 1st, two blocks from his home.


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