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The Atlantic Yards Project: No Longer “Inevitable”?

What a difference a year can make. As January 2005 winds to a close, Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards proposal, launched a year ago as the crown jewel in the developer’s Brooklyn menagerie, seems to be chugging along on fumes.

NYC School System Makes Teachers Pay

In addition to overcrowded classrooms, an underfunded district, and a staffing crisis that looms on the horizon for New York City’s public schools, teachers may soon be worrying about their very own health.

Williamsburg Rises Up

The funky, warm mix of low-rise residential, manufacturing, commerce and arts spaces that has made Williamsburg a unique spot for many long-time residents is on the verge of changing into a landscape dominated by the kind of high-rise luxury condos that are developers’ wet dreams.

A View from Prospect Heights

Just before New Year’s Eve, I dined with my friend Janet in a restaurant where the holiday decorations were monkeys. Monkeys dressed in Venetian robes—silk brocades, rich velvets.

Jack Newfield’s Memorial

At veteran New York journalist (and Bed-Stuy native) Jack Newfield’s memorial at Riverside Chapel in late December, there was certainly some political posturing.


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