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So Much for Fahrenheit 9/11 and the Last Six Months, On with Four More Years

I have confession to make, one that makes me a bad film critic and, quite possibly, an even worse American: I don’t care what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences thinks the best films of the year were.

Shirley Chisholm’s Legacy

Writing in the January 1973 issue of Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem reflected on Shirley Chisholm’s recent run for the White House.

In Conversation

Chisholm’s Legacy: Shola Lynch with Theodore Hamm

A regular on Sesame Street in the 1970s, Shola Lynch is now an acclaimed documentary filmmaker.

Rewriting the American Revolution

Cosmology is the study of origins, a science of beginnings. And although it is a branch of physics, it is also true that nations, peoples, and states all possess cosmologies as well.

Fur Coats, Cowboy Hats, and Pepper Spray: An account of the second inauguration of George W. Bush

Hannah Arendt, the German-Jewish writer who identified the “banality of evil” in the Nuremberg trials, would have understood the second inauguration of George Bush on January 20th.

A Call to Secession

When I was 13, my life was ripped apart by the United States government’s war on drugs. From the back of a courtroom I watched them sentence my father to 35 years in prison.

Letter from Pakistan

A few months before Bush’s re-election, I took a job at a university in Lahore, the first “liberal arts” university in Pakistan, to teach a one-year course in film and video production.

In Conversation

An Extremely Political Life: Thai Jones with Shaina Fineberg

Thai Jones was four years old when the FBI raided his family’s Bronx apartment to arrest his parents, Jeff Jones and Eleanor Stein. Jones and Stein were members of the radical group Weather Underground and had spent the 1970s in hiding.


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