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In Dialogue

In Dialogue: suffer little children: The Sturm und Drang of David Adjmi

MRS. R Stucco is so practical isn’t it? and it brings the room into three dimensions. JANET The room is in three dimensions.

Nelson Rodrigues: The pornographic angel comes to NYC

When it comes to the hoary claim that mass culture has sounded the death knell of theater, there are few better counter-examples than Nelson Rodrigues, the most renowned Brazilian playwright of the 20th century.

Poor Imitations

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but with the Wooster Group’s latest, Poor Theater, one can’t help but question its sincerity. Which is, of course, exactly the point. Legendary director Jerzy Grotowsky coined the term “poor theater” to describe the performative approach developed with the Polish Laboratory Theater.

Local Stops

BAM’s annual festival culls the international performance landscape and plucks some gems for Brooklyn. This year’s theater offerings include:


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