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A Brand New Dance, Forget the Island, What Leads

A Brand New Dance

Carrying a table for your
Later again you can’t tell

Everything develops who’ll try

Harder it was a whisk

A culvert a camel in the mirror

With a ring marked to mumble
The friction discover in dollars

Colors raspberry reaction trilling

By the doll off or over

Passes as the pressure

The waive of its dibs
Felt my knee question blade

To glide past the rock choosing

Ripple over rip or rift together

On the air and free


Forget the Island

One more tick with a whistle
Inventing the over your shoulder

Who is making idle who

The frog think rate berate

Better with your nose to it

Around the scooter only say
Which way and soon a lighter

People it with drops who

Then the color of bricks

Sounds or a dog throbs

My question under a
Clouds the small train with

A clear swipe at reason

Muffled the tarp one calf

Shines asks recognition first


What Leads

But the dyed derived
And I thought proof

Cupboard border rotten tower

Not waiting yet for the

Learning curve or the nasty

When you could just before
The window fogs the note

A trail of them or anecdotes

Animals tiny socks reflecting

Apology with jealousy sea

Turn whiskers Tiepolo polo
Loaded a term for the top

Small dog teeters roof photo

Torrid as the angle provided

For the cup this time costing

Chet Wiener is the author of Devant l’abondance (P.O.L 2003) and the chapbook WalkDontWalk (Potes and Poets 1999). His poems have appeared in a number of journals in the United States and France. He lives in San Francisco.


Chet Weiner

Weiner's poems have appeared in a number of journals in the United States and France.


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