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Housing Difficulties

I first met Cinderella at a party exactly like this one, a number of seasons ago. The invitation had been slipped under my door in a red envelope with a note penned over the seal: Your secret is safe, it read, punctuated by a chipper little smiley face.

EXCERPT: Mr. Dynamite

Well Sean I’m back at Firewaters—It’s Friday around 7 in the evening though I imagine the days of the week / hours of the day don’t mean much to you in your present condition—well they do to me:

Searching for My Ex-Girlfriend’s Nose

Ever since hearing Susan had moved back to New York City, I’d been searching for her nose. Susan had a thin bridge and nostrils like the rouge end piece of a doctor’s reflex hammer.


I have a strong desire to make money, or rather a big need to. And everybody knows that ’cause I tell everybody. So when my father mentions the job I take it as a business proposal.


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APR 2004

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