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Jon Brion's World of Unpopular Pop

You’ve heard Jon Brion, whether you know it or not. Jon Brion, producer: Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, Rhett Miller, Rufus Wainwright. Jon Brion, instrumentalist: Jellyfish, Elliott Smith, eels, Macy Gray, the Wallflowers, the Chemical Brothers. Jon Brion, composer:

All Cage, All the Time (with a bit of Merce, Nam June, Shigeko, and Charlotte)

The five-day Cage-o-rama presented jointly by Anthology Film Archives and the John Cage Trust in January showcased thirty-three films of the legendary musician and composer, spanning the decades from the forties to the nineties. The material for,

Jonny Greenwood: Bodysong

onny Greenwood has always been adept at crafting moody, cinematic music. As the lead guitarist and gadget-master of Radiohead, he’s helped to create songs like "Exit Music for a Film" and "Motion Picture Soundtrack." Now he’s indulged his filmic instincts even further with the compelling score to Bodysong, a British documentary about the cycle of life.


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