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Ratner Applies Full-Court Press on the Downtown Arena

In late October, Forest City Ratner mailed Brooklyn residents another of its glossy brochures intended to answer “Frequently asked questions about the Brooklyn Nets and Atlantic Yards.” Within it are the standard best-case scenarios regarding both the jobs potentially created by the project as well as its overall funding.

Confessions of a New Kid on the Block

I admit it. I am a gentrifier. Not an occupier or a colonizer but a gentrifier. It’s a label I cannot deny.

Showdown over the North Brooklyn Waterfront

Standing at the ruinous Williamsburg-Greenpoint waterfront it’s hard to imagine that the area is at the brink of one of the biggest redevelopment plans in New York City history. Yet the details of this plan are far from the early stages. In fact, the ultimate decisions are approaching quickly.

After Pier 57, an Expanded Role for the CCRB?

In the aftermath of Republican National Convention, civil rights groups blasted the NYPD for detaining protesters at Pier 57, and for good reason: they extended the mandatory 24-hour processing time, held pregnant women and injured detainees without medical care, and exposed those unfortunate enough to be held to numerous health hazards.

Graduate Student Workers Vow to Keep Up the Fight

Graduate student workers across the nation have been trying for years to form unions and get them recognized by their universities. Their success often hinges on one question: are graduate assistants employees?


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