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Re-focus: Fred Wilson at the 50th Venice Biennale

Not far from Venice’s “Giardini”—the site of the U.S. Pavilion at this summer’s 50th Venice Biennale—shoppers in search of Italy’s most sought-after and expensive handbags are in for a treat: Prada, Gucci and a host of other Italian labels are all available for less than 30 Euro. Even as low as 20 if your bargaining skills are good.

Williamsburg Bridges Vietnam-Vietnam Now

Much of the effort to show works of artists from Vietnam has been rare—especially in New York—but then again the idea of big group shows never quite does justice to a single work by a good artist. Nevertheless, the show at the WAH Center in April 2003 was a worthy effort.

Dreaming of America at Ronald Feldman

Erika Rothenberg’s white letters stand out on black board with the week's schedule at Ronald Feldman. It starts off Monday with a meeting for abused spouses and finishes Saturday with a lesson in "parenting your clone." Don’t miss the mid-week informational session on finding love on other planets.


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