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Len Jenkin, Like I Say

"Lemurs." They’re coming. "Leeemurrrrs…" The lemur zombies. Staggering Night of the Living Dead-style through an exclusive Italian spa, this pack of rapidly-aging Beautiful People desperately craves the retreat’s pampering specialty: an elixir of eternal youth, a beyond-botox concoction extracted from a cute-looking little African primate and administered by the mysteriously sinister Dr. Moto.

In Dialogue

Jim Strahs on Working

excerpt from: Open Call Jim Strahs is a playwright and novelist living in New York City. His work has been performed by the Wooster Group (North Atlantic, Oil Rig) and Mabou Mines (Wrong Guys). He co-wrote Cowboys and Indians with Richard Maxwell, and his short plays (Jane Dorch, How to Act, Producers of Fiction) have been presented at Little Theater. How to Act has also been performed by Michael Stumm at various venues around the city. He has written the books Seed Journal and Queer and Alone.


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