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Hot Fun in the Brooklyn Summer

Even after the mermaids parade past the waves off Coney Island, the diversity and richness of Brooklyn will still provide countless summer adventures for city-bound kids and families. Perfumed flowers are in bloom at the botanic garden, cool music wafts across Prospect and Fort Greene Parks, and Carnival is just around the corner.

Opinion: End Toxic Discrimination

“Growing up in Brooklyn taught me one thing: how to work with the community,” Adam Victor assured a packed auditorium at a June 21st public meeting.

The Environment: Another Weapon of War?

“Take care that the light in you does not become darkness” Luke 11:35 Federal Penitentiary, Lisbon, Ohio, May 2001

Indonesia: Business as Usual

Ever since the student-led movement ousted Indonesia’s autocratic leader Suharto in July of 1998, Indonesia’s attempted transformation to democracy has progressed haltingly, to say the least.

Quebec City Diary: Struggling Against a Global Takeover

“Politics is a subsidiary function of economics, and democracy an agreeable by-product of capitalism.”

Opinions: On Gay Marriage

For the past two years I have been in love with a terrific guy named John. I’m pretty much the social butterfly, while John prefers quiet dinner parties or an evening of movies and take-out. Occasionally we go out together and invariably meet new people.

Letter: Look Out Kid, It’s Something You Did

Dear Rail, In your May/June issue, Jill Clateman, in an essay titled “Marx On the Playground,” above her sons’ greedy ways and what they boded for the visions of a certain famous radical philosopher.

Archie Bunker, R.I.P.

The passing of Carol O’Connor in late June gives us pause for reflection on the meaning of his most legendary character.


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