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Fear of Flying: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The Golden-Globe-winning, Oscar-contending Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is all about a rigid, roughly linear object. It is long—two feet, nine inches long, to be exact. Fairly impressive by itself, it “needs skillful manipulation,” we are told, to really come into its own.

Sundance Wrap-up

This year the Sundance climate changed radically Gone were the new-media wannabes, the dotcom startups and digital manifestos. Buyers seemed subdued and tentative, hyper-conscious of the difficulty of a small movie “breaking out” in an overcrowded marketplace and of the unlikeliness of another Blair Witch scenario.

Brooklyn Goes to Slamdance

The Slamdance Film Festival was born in 1994 when four LA- based filmmakers, angered that their films were rejected by the Sundance Film Festival, decided to stage their own festival, right across the street from Park City’s Egyptian Theater, home to Sundance’s most prestigious premieres.


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