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Brooklyn Pastiche: The Brooklyn Art Scene

The 21st century will be the century in which we redefine ourselves as the first country in world history which is literally made up of every part of the world.

The Manhattan Scene

A good painting will converge within the nerve endings of our sight and minds.

Andy Warhol: Photography

There have been a number of exhibitions about Andy Warhol since his death in 1987. Each has addressed the work of this influential artist, but the current exhibition at the International Center for Photography in New York is the first to focus solely on Warhol’s photography.

In Conversation

The Club IT IS: A Conversation with Philip Pavia

One must admit that no artist feels completely at ease at gallery openings, let alone while actually looking at the work on the wall or even talking about art at all.

Violence, Fantasy, and Childhood: Two Shows at PS1

Disasters of War: Francisco de Goya, Henry Darger, Jake and Dinos Chapman (through February 25) Almost Warm & Fuzzy: Childhood and Contemporary Art (through April 8)


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