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WHAM BAM, Thank You Fort Greene

Last June, less than a year after I signed my first Brooklyn lease (for what neighbors said was a renovated crack house), Harvey Lichtenstein quit his job as a director of the Brooklyn Academy of Music to lead the BAM Local Development Corporation.

Bushwick is THE NEW SoHo

“Bushwick is just like Greenpoint except the people are, you know, of color instead of Polish,” says a Greenpoint artist cheerfully, after a sunny midday trip to look at a raw loft space with a friend who was evicted from his Chelsea loft, given 60 days to clear out.

Harold O. Levy Takes Charge

For years the New York City schools have been a political dog-pit where angry parents, desperate teachers, Kafkaesque bureaucrats, and entry level spokespeople from the city’s various ethnic-political alliances engaged in a particularly ugly form of gridlock.

Beauty in Unexpected Places

For some, there may not be much beauty in post-industrial North Brooklyn. But above the rumbling trucks, the rising rents, the tragic hipsters, and the fashions gone awry, there is something truly captivating.


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