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My two senses

NYC’s mayor pulls the museum’s money because he doesn’t like Brooklyn’s

                  artistic taste.

The governor pulls the city’s money because he doesn’t like its lack

                  of two-car garages

The president pulls the state’s money because he doesn’t like

                  conservative Republicans or liberal Democrats.

The sun doesn’t like lying politicians so it’s taking back the earth.

The universe doesn’t like fossil fuels burning so it’s putting out the sun.

The universe is a big crybaby-I’m pulling its funding tomorrow

                  to start a new one ––


Eliot Katz

Eliot Katz is the author of Unlocking the Exits (Coffee House Press, 1999) and a co-editor of Poems for the Nation (Seven Stories Press, 2000), a collection of political poems compiled by the late Allen Ginsberg.


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OCT-NOV 2000

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