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My Rising Prospects

Surely, among dream mammals,

Among man-apes, among ape-apes, among man-men,

Among tasseled, scrubbed, prospecting for hubbub,

Among chyme-free duodena and lipsticked flour,

Among sunchronized twitches and applauded pillows.

Thus embraced and multipated, in my 34th year,

With my dukes up, with my grammar up,

With my legions of fish lips, stapled

To the inner ears, loquacious, murmuring,

With my musical toes and symphonic molars,

With my squatting rights about to be revoked,

“Where are you from? And why are you here?”

With my nose bleeding, with my menarche,

With my mud nap on the hour,

With my rising prospects and descending testicles.


Linh Dinh

LINH DINH is the author of a collection of stories, Fake House (Seven Stories Press, 2000), and three chapbooks of poems. He is the editor and translator of Three Vietnamese Poets.


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT-NOV 2000

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